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Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Just a few words.

The only reason I gave this book 3 stars is because of how much I laughed while reading it!

This book just oozed cheesiness! All the story, main characters and dialogs, seriously - EVERYTHING - SO MUCH CHEESE!!

It was a complete overdose!

Travis is an obsessed wreck with anger management issues. But I like the guy, even the things he say is just... well... all girls wanna hear that, but never will? lol Cheese...XD
Abby - b***h. She is incredibly misleading. She doesn't feel as a complete character at all. So much "change of heart" and some time her doings were just simply stupid. I didn't really like her.
Well, at least I really like some side characters of this book.

I am glad that I picked it up knowing absolutely NOTHING about it, I got it by chance, so I had no idea what kind of book it was at all.
And... It is just a love story. Young, crazy and incredibly cheeseeeee! Cheese everywhere! lol

This book exists only for a crack and I did have fun reading it. ;)