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Little ray of sunshine

Inspirational Picture Quotes about Learning and Education  - Gabi Rupp

I was lucky to win on Goodreads a signed Paperback Copy of The Seventh Book in the Inspirational Picture Quotes Series " Learning Quotes: Inspirational Picture Quotes about Learning and Education"

I've read a few of self-help/motivation books and it is really not my thing, because there are usually a lot of useless information and too much unrelated text that repeat itself.
But this book is different.

It is simply and very beautifully presented, very colorful and straight to the point! It looks like a small magazine edition rather than a real book and that's was my only problem - it is small.))

Well, apart of it's size I am sure everyone can find some motivation quotes that he or she will personally relate to, I did it already.
I am very glad I was the lucky winner.

Thank you for this little ray of sunshine!