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First of all I don't like butterflies)))

A Curious Beginning - Deanna Raybourn

This was my first chance to read anything by Deanna Raybourn.


First of all I don't like butterflies and had no idea what a lepidopterist is and I thought that all of the descriptions of taxidermy and specimen collection would set me off to enjoy the book. I still gave it a try.


I thought this was going to be one of those books that has a great start and then slowly lapses into dullness. But about a third of the way through, it suddenly became utterly gripping and after that I couldn't put it down. It was really EASY to read and maybe it is not exactly great literature, but it's fun and engaging book with a story full of twists.


I really liked the two main characters and through the characters were too forward minded for that particular era I was willing to ignore that completely because it gave a story a particular charm.


Veronica Speedwell was a bit annoying at some points and probably because I saw too much of myself in her. )) It was very easy for me to relate to her character.

Stoker was.. hmm. Well, he was decent and safe and very manly. He was a very pleasant character and though little was revealed about him I strongly believe he will make an interesting character to read about later in series.

I am also curious to see how things work out between him and Veronica because of the obvious chemistry between those two. I would love to see some love triangles as well, because it seems to me that Veronica doesn’t get that she has feelings for him but he sure does understand his feelings for her. Just a guess))


I like books that have mysteries. I am a big fan of C. S. Harris, author of the Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries. It is much “lighter” read than I expected, but I say it’s worth a read and I will defiantly be continue with the series. .