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I NEVER EVER had so much anger while reading a book.

An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir

I NEVER EVER had so much anger while reading a book.

I had a hard time giving it a rating.. at first it was decision between 2 or 4 stars and I decided that it would be fair to give it a middle of it, so 3 stars.

Ok, I will try to explain and be (as always) short.

Why it was close to 4-star-book for me:

I LOVED the way it was written and it was a very engaging read and as I said before in my reading progress - unexpectedly cruel and I was enjoying it very much. The beautiful map inside the front cover helped my imagination to build this world inside my head.  

It is a very interesting story, but I would say thanks mostly to  Elias' chapters and Helen' and Izzi' characters which are probably my favorite.

Why it was so close to 2-star-book:

I won't even change some words from my reading-process comments...

I despised Laia!


She was whining nonstop, her striking cowardice make me sick, she is extremely arrogant and irritating with others, like everybody owes her, she point out things for people which she DON'T DO herself and seems to have all this annoying "self beating" inside her head.

I WAS PRAYING for her to change, because despite my liking of the story - I was devastating to read her parts, but the were NO CHANGE, this girl was becoming more and more dreadful and irritating with each page.
I was constantly dreaming of something bad happens to her and for a plot-twist we would get someone else as a main character - Izzi or Helene.

Why it is a 3-star-book:

Because I want to read a second book. Because I liked the story and this feeling was bigger than my disgust of Laia.
33 pages till the end of the book I even decided to stop hating her so much. It seemed that there was some sparks of common sense in her. But I won't like her, I still despite her as a person. She has to do smth "really big" for me starting to be sympathetic towards her. She still doesn't make any sense as a main character.