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I have to stop looking at the book covers.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs

I know how I have to read books now. I have to stop looking at covers.

This book was around for a while now and all the hype around it was hard not to notice, but I didn't care about this book simply because I never ever was going to pick it up. Reason -  it's cover. I thought is was a horror story and I do not read horror.
Thrillers - yes. Mystic - yes. True crime - yes. Horror -NEVER.

So... a few weeks ago I came across it at the book store and flipped through the pages, some photos were strange but not terrifying, so I read the back of it, there was not a word of this book being a horror story. It got me thinking and when my birthday came and my friend gave me a Gift Card to the bookstore (best present!) I decided to give it a try - I am soooo glad I did.

This story is nothing like others. It is written differently. It feels differently - it is smth totally new to my usual read.
It was consuming, it was fascinating and I will NEVER, EVER judge the book by it's cover again!

Thank you Mr Ransom Riggs for this unforgettable experience which I intend to continue soon!