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Winter (The Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer

First, a bit of my fanart.

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It is hard to put all the feelings in words and be short, but I will try my best.

First of all, I just wanted to say that I loved the whole series.
Cress and Thorne are my favorite couple followed by Winter and Jacin and I loved every bit of romance in this book, tho it was bouncing on the topic "who loves who" it was surprisingly not annoying and I enjoyed every bit of it! :D
I was glad to see Kai in action, I wasn't the biggest fan of him, but this book opened up his character and made him act and I like him much more now.

Through it was fantastic and magical and we got our happy ending there was still some parts I was not very satisfied with:

1) I just wanted a bit more of the World building and more details of how Luna works and how are things there.
2) I just came from the cinema (Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2) just before I start to read Winter and I swear, sometimes I felt like it was a retelling of what I watched on the screen. It was so similar for me, the rebellion, the Capital, Levana and Snow - it has absolutely the same vibe. Strangely - it did not ruin the whole picture, I just hoped it wasn't so much similar.
3) The Ending itself was a bit rushed to my taste, I mean the way Cinder blacked-out and then after some time she woke up and everything was fine. It is not that I wanted someone to die or anything, I understood from the beginning that this book has to end with a happily ever after and sweet, I just wanted it to be a bit bittersweet.

I still gave this book a 5 star rating, because no matter of it's flaws I still loved it, it is an amazing fairy-tale and it was a great journey from the book one till the very end.

Thank you Marissa Meyer for my one of all time favorite series!

I am waiting for your new books now!