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Thumbs up for smart female characters!

The Shadow Society - Marie Rutkoski

Marie Rutkoski became one of my favorite authors and her The Winner's Trilogy one of my favorite series and she seems to never disappoint me.

This book is her early work and being a standalone it made me thrilled and terrified.I didn't know what to expect so, without much knowing I got right into it.

I wasn't very happy at the beginning. First 80 pages seemed too slow for me and I didn't like the romance, I didn't know where are we heading with this story, the only thing I liked were the side characters and the humor, so I kept reading and... and suddenly all of it changed! The story went straight being super captive and interesting and twisted, so I just flew through the rest of the book.

I liked Darcy, I liked the way she thinks and I liked the way she copes with the situation she was pulled in and considering her life, I like how she looks at the World and how it changes through the story.

I really love the way Marie Rutkoski writes her female characters. I am the biggest fan of Kestrel from The Winner's Trilogy and she is probably my ultimate favorite female character of all times.
It is so rare for a female characters to be smart. Logical. Her characters make decisions based on situation, they are using what they have and try to make the best of it, they do not "go with the flow" or rely simply on luck, they work on their fates and it makes them very alive to me, very real.


It was a good book.