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It was a very heavy 118 pages.

I'll Meet You In Heaven - Jill Thrussell

I got a copy from an author by winning a Goodreads Giveaway.
It looks more like a journal than a book and has only 118 pages, but it was a very hard 118 pages and completely not what I have expecting based on description.

This book is about grief and acceptance. I am not sure how should I describe how I felt. It was very hard to go through and the story seemed very heavy to me. And even the end was good and we get a very suited to the story closure, I felt no relief.

I gave it 3 stars , because I can not say that I didn't like it, but this like was very bitter.
I think author did a good job writing about feelings and describing what the characters are going through. I think that's the hardest part.
My only problem was a wish of a "break" in some parts from the overflowing feelings, like for example in a form of description of a nature or smth.

I do recommend people to read this book, I strongly believe it can help people in similar situations and it can bring some peace in their hearts.