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The Murder Complex - Lindsay Cummings

It was very slow at the beginning, but after around 80 pages it was already rushing.
Overall it was an interesting story and I would say that the book is quite easy to read... well, maybe if there were not so much description... I think author went a bit too far with "bright" disgusting images.
As I said - the story is interesting, but not very exciting. I want to check out a second book tho, cuz I think it wont take me a lot of time to read and as I heard - story gets much better in it.

One thing that sets me off - instalove. I am not a big fan of the scenario where "we know each other for 30 minutes, I would take a bullet for you" thing. It seemed too unreal and sugary-sweet for me. But it is just a matter of taste and it doesn't really effect the story.

I would recommend it - it is a good, solid dystopian ya book.
I will continue to read this story.