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Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

As it seems, I am the only person who doesn't like Celaena!
Surprised, but It is alright, I do not really care cuz she is selfish and annoying b**** .

She blames Chaol for Nehemia's death because he didn't consulted her before making a decision? Seriously?! There was actual need in that. HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER DEATH. But this b**** just need someone to blame I guess.

SHE was the one keeping secrets from Chaol AND Nehemia about the REAL thread from the King, their lives depended on HER actions - she DIDN'T say a word about it and she acted as she doesn't really give a F***! And she dares to tell him about secrecy?!

I like Chaol as a character and I really hope everything works out for him, cuz I really do not care what happens with "the greatest assassin" (2 books and still haven't seen her even be an average one).

I like the story itself, I really do, but it is very hard to read a book when I just want to erase the main character.