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Invaded - Melissa Landers

It was a great read, it was a great continuation of the story and much more than I hoped for!

I have read Alienated so long ago, but surprisingly I remember it very good, I really like the whole concept of this book.
I find both main characters very likable, tho I roll my eyes to some of their cheesy love lines. ;)

Still, I really like this series, definitely going to continue with the story .


I was waiting for the whole book for them to... emm... evolve (?) :D Seriously, it is becoming frustrating. ..

There were some stuff I was kinda finding a bit off... for example : their 50 shades of Alien PE class punishment or when smart and farsighted Cara acted absolutely out of character - stupid - when she picked Hansel and Gretel story to tell the children, story that even some adults find a bit creepy and RIGHT AFTER the talk about rumors of people eating young ones on Earth .... of all the stories. ... really? !

I was heartbroken with David death. .. I was just keep saying no no no to myself. .. I am so sorry for Syrine. .. both guys she ever loved are dead now... I can not imagine, how she is going to overcome this.. I want her to be happy, I want her to find love... I would assume it could be Cara's brother. . but he has a crush on Aelyx sister. .
Love is a hard thing...

I really like the ending, it left me very much interested for the next book, hope for paperback to come out soon, cuz I want my books to match ;)