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My New Addiction!

Killer Instinct - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I added Jennifer Lynn Barnes to my favorite authors. I knew it would happen the moment I finished The Naturals and after Killer Instinct I put a huge star next to her name. I am a huge Criminal Minds fan and having a "teenage" version is just precious! I am clearly in love with this series, but the only thing that upsets me is that I buy them in paperbacks (Hyperion) and the third book did not come out yet, but I do not mind waiting, cuz I know it worth every minute!


I do not wanna talk much, the only thing I want to express myself about is that I am happy for Cassie to choose Dean.

Don't get me wrong here I love Michael as a character, he is much more than it seems and he understands more than he says out loud and I thing he is great with Cassie, as Dean said once to her (in chapter 42) - "He makes you smile",  but I was still rooting for Dean, tho it was very hard to choose.
I do not like love triangles usually, but I am not bothered by this one.  
I really can  understand Cassie feelings for both guys, probably because I was once in the same situation and I really can relate to that.  

I really like Lia's character and I hope she will have her happy ending and I won't be bothered if it would be Michael. I can easily picture them together.

Overall I really do not mind who is ending up with whom, because I love every single character in this series!
Sloane - that's the character I wanna know more! She reminds me of Spencer from Criminal Minds and I have the same precious feelings for her.  
Looking forward to learn more about her!