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The pale ghost...

Miss Mayhem - Rachel Hawkins

I was waiting for this book for so long, remembering how I first came across the Rebel Belle, how I didn't wanna read it because of the cover, how i picked it up because it was recommended to me by the guy and how much I loved it in the end. Rebel Belle was interesting, fast, it was cool and corky, it was humorous and I had a great time reading it.
And then..then Miss Mayhem happened.
Do not get me wrong, it is still a solid book and you should still read it, but it felt like a pale ghost of the first one, like nothing was really happening. Overall it felt dragged, like a short break before The Grand Finale. I am waiting for the 3rd book and I want to see how she is gonna to end all of it.
Well, I liked this book, but the ending got me thinking, that if it was a duology I would actually be alright with this "dramatic" and bittersweet wrap up.