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My first time reading a Kasie West book

The Fill-In Boyfriend - Kasie West


This is my first time reading a Kasie West book and it was definitely an adorable read.
I finished up the entire book in no time. It was very easy to fly through, it was sweet and enjoyable.

I like how the story turned to be a bit bigger than just a simple romance book and though it is hard for me to relate to it now, I guess a lot of teenagers would find themselves connected to some valuable topic discussed in this book.


I liked to see Gia experiences change and personal growth. I liked the way she learned how to cope with things and how she started to notice all the difference between her representation of the world and the people around her and the reality.  
I like the way how all the characters in this book reflected  and finally "shaped" Gia. It was done very nicely.
Overall, this was a very good book and it gave me a green light to start reading other Kasie West novels!