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Through all the book I was catching myself thinking "Jesus, just call right now...oh...right...no cellphones..."

Postmortem - Patricia Cornwell


Ok, that book was a very pleasant surprise and I find the fact that it has been written in 1990 one of the pluses I got reading it for the first time in 2016, because It was such a true and real journey to the past. This book was quite a thrilling detective story.

I am a fan of Keith McCarthy and his Eisenmenger-Flemming Forensic Mysteries
series about Dr. John Eisenmenger, a former forensic pathologist and I was searching for detective books where the main character would be a pathologist and I am glad I found it.

Now, about the book itself. A few times I thought I know exactly who the killer is, but the best part - I was wrong every single time. Well, I guessed it sooner anyway, but much later than I usually do. It was interesting, like really kept me reading it without breaks, It made you doubt everything and everyone (well, almost everyone) and I really appreciate it in those type of books.

I like the way characters were build, they were very "human" and it was easy to connect with their feelings.
My only "concern" was a niece of the main character Kay. I understand the situation with her mother, I understand that she is different, genius and all... but the way she behaved herself was a bit "too much" for me sometimes. It got me thinking how psychologically unstable this child is. I wasn't really on the same page with the Kay's reaction on her behavior. I also do not have kids and I also have a niece that is a bit "older" for her age and I do relate to this situation for many other reasons and that's why I was conflicted by those parts sometimes. I am not saying it is a bad thing, just a bit disturbing for me.

I do not talk much in my reviews usually, so I am gonna stop here and go and find myself a second book from this series.