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Jennifer Lynn Barnes knows exactly what I want!

The Fixer - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

That was....

Jennifer Lynn Barnes knows exactly what I want! She became one of my favorite authors with her The Naturals series. Her books became a 5-star works for me and now this book happened and unfortunately I can not give it more than 5! :)
Auto-buy author for me for sure!

Btw... around pages 115-120 I found a rhyme... XD
"It's probably nothing. Vivvie's probably fine. I didn't believe that, and I didn't know why."

Even tho I got the whole thing and all the twists earlier than it was reveled, it really do not spoil a bit for me, I was fully engaged and I finished it in one go! I opened it, I read it and closed it!
I seems to do it with all of her books! :)

Those series are a mix between the ABC's Scandal and her characters from The Naturals series.
Seriously, you can see it right away.
Tess is like Cassie, Asher (my star so far) is a lot like Michael, Henry is a lot like (mylove) Dean, Vivvie is Sloane and Emilia as Lia.... and I more than happy with those similarities, I love both sets of characters and they all have their own personalities, but it was very easy to adjust to them seeing those familiar behaviors with The Naturals.

This book was smart, those characters were smart, the plot was smart and the whole book was simply gorgeous!

I am gone to order myself the second one. :)