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Loved every sentence of it...

A Darker Shade of Magic - V.E. Schwab

It took me forever to read, but loved every sentence of it!

I made some fan art as well :


It's been a while for me to write smth on a book... ok... it is been a while to read a book. I started this one so long ago and then life happened and I couldn't get to it and I tried to read it one chapter at a time, but even that did not work.
Then, I was going away from my job, like for good, I had a great leaving party and I was in a great mood, so when I came home and saw this fellow lying there...half unread... it made me sad. So I finished it and I can say now, that I would read any book written by this author.

This book was simply great. It is so similar and unexpectedly unique for its own genre. It gives us magic in a fascinating and frightened way, it gives us a story that would made you second-guessing everyone, it give you hint of a romance that is not cleared and not thrown in your face and it gives you deep, complex, full-developed characters that you want to know and learn more about.

I am definitely continue with this series.