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Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

5 stars for emotions it brought up to surface. It was a pure RAGE!
It is my first ever Morgan Matson book and it spoke with me on so much different levels.
There was times when I hated it so much and that's why I loved it so much as well. Does it make any sense?
I don't even know where to start...

Ok, some Fanart first


"Hi! I am Emily. I am tall, athletic brunette teenager with the nice house, parents who love each other, with my little brother I adore so of course I am going to splash my low self-esteem over half of this book, moaning about how I'm just not good enough and I don't "deserve" anything, how terribly shy I am and how I am just SHOCKED every time someone remembers my name...even if it's been the same person... It is soooo obvious I have zero confidence, and don't want to believe in myself, cuz come on (!) I totally have a reasons for that behavior!
Oh...Totally forgot. I have a best friend Sloane. Sloane is amazing! She can do anything! I wish I could be like her, but every time (!) she tries to help me to "come out of my shell" or she tries to do smth nice only for me I gave her a hard time and never want to even TRY. Oh! I remember one time she put a lot of work in one night, like she got us fake IDs and she planned our outfits cuz she wanted badly to see the band we both liked in the bar, but for absolutely no reason I said no to her just in front of this place and when she said that she is going there without me, i felt like someone had punched me, because NATURALLY I JUST ASSUMED that Sloane would leave with me, cuz come on, I am a victimize, pathetic character here, she has to "save" me and make my life comfortable. I ruined her evening that she planned for so long, but do not worry, she is not a grudge-holder, she quickly forgives.
She left one day and the thing is that I live in this girl's shadow and I am so dependent on her that I basically can not function without her, cuz remember - I am terribly shy. My dependence is so extreme, that I would do anything to live in that shadow again.
AND! I have hope - she left me a "to do" list! Now I have this thing to depend on and after a while I was doing a great job, I found new friends that I don't really care about, cuz really, who does that, right? The important thing is that they care for me. So of course I am gonna call my new friend that just got cheated and tell her all of my kissing and going after a guy who has a long time girlfriend.
I forgot to mention that I also have a "boyfriend" experience, but it did not last, cuz he is a good boy, but his friend is a moron and I am just naturally selfish, but still terribly shy bitch, so it didn't work out. (sorry, it was so random^^)
Long story short. Eventually I found my best friend and I got another girls guy, sadly Sloane was not really how I pictured her this whole time and she lives kinda far away from me, but don't you worry guys, like a true parasite, I found another carrier - Frank. So everything worked out! The End."

I loved this book! I brought so much anger in me! About Emily...she wasn't all terrible, but the main problem for me was, that I have a shy friend and I know how much work it takes her to change and work on herself and that's not what I saw with Emily character. Emily is a fake.