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A teaser

C21st Gods #1 - David Tallerman,  David Tallerman,  David Tallerman, Anthony Summey

*Digital review copy provided by NetGalley & the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

C21st Gods #1 was an issue long introduction, felt even more like a teaser.
Tho it looked like smth I would really love: detective story, a bit gruesome illustrations, futuristic/noir-style setting with an uncertain, mystery story line I was a bit disappointed.
It was a bit "rushed" and as I said before, it gave me the feeling of a teaser and with 24 pages long issue I was expecting a solid start to the story, where there were none.
Tho, I want to give it a try when other installments are out, I hope for a more slow build process and more background for the main character.